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​Learn How a Crippled 92 Year-Old Survived
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​The secrets of this unlikely survivor of one of our nation’s worst disasters now revealed in this new manual...
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​Dear Friend,

Do you remember those horrible images from New Orleans? If you’re like most people, you probably think of the Superdome, surrounded by a sea of water, or one of those infamous dykes, breached by the toxic waters. There were other images too, visuals you’ve probably tried to forget; the videos of residents rioting and looting, emptying grocery stores and convenience stores for anything they could get their hands on.

If you sought shelter and assistance in the Superdome, you may not have fared much better.

​If you sought shelter and assistance in the Superdome, you may not have fared much better. The conditions were horrific, heat combined with tens of thousands of sick people, many of whom had waded through the foul-smelling, toxic waters to get there, only to find little or no food and gangs raping and assaulting those who had already lost everything and were clinging to life.

I live in Memphis, TN and being just up the river from New Orleans, we got our share of survivors. One woman, who arrived well after most, had an incredible story. You see, 92 year-old Adelaide Turner wasn’t able to get out in time-she walks with a cane and none of her friends had access to a car, and so she weathered the storm in her little home in the Holy Cross District of the Ninth Ward. Once the storm was past, she never considered leaving the relative safety of her house, because she had everything she needed, right in her home. She was finally forced from her home by clean up crews who discovered her living “high on the food chain” without any outside assistance. She literally...

​Ate like a queen... while healthy young men were rioting
and looting grocery stores for food!

92 year-old Adelaide Turner wasn’t able to get out in time-she walks with a cane and none of her friends had access to a car, and so she weathered the storm in her little home in the Holy Cross District of the Ninth Ward.

The story she related during her brief stay with our family changed my life forever.  She explained in simple terms how the lessons she learned from her mother fifty years ago had not only saved her life, but allowed her to live almost as though nothing had happened.  Mrs. Turner left our home a short time later, but I was able to record the stories she told me.

Those lessons have taken on new importance as the headlines grow more dire by the day.  President Obama’s socialist agenda and the continuing meltdown appears to be making matters worse.  News sources are reporting stockpiling of food supplies by government agencies and the wealthy.  Perhaps they know something the rest of us don’t...

“Grocery stores only have enough food stocks to last three days…a natural disaster or terrorist attack could wipe out local infrastructure for weeks”

I began preparing my family years ago for what I thought would only be necessary during a terrorist attack on our infrastructure or a natural disaster, such as a flood or tornado.  However, the economic crisis, the new fall flu-martial law scare and the other assaults on our freedoms have led many prudent people to being prepared for a time of food rationing and forced dependence on the government.

Keep in mind that during the Great Depression, government bureaucrats paid farmers to destroy livestock and crops, in an effort to prop up prices!  Meanwhile, millions stood in line for government handouts, reduced to dependency on the government by unemployment and high food prices!

Worse, the just-in-time distribution methods that keep most local store shelves full of food are not designed to withstand serious disruption.  Take Katrina, for example.  Even though the hurricane did its damage over the course of just 24 hours, it was weeks,(even months in some areas) before stores in nearby towns had regular deliveries again. Millions of people suffered from a lack of fresh foods and drinkable water as a result. Of course, Adelaide continued to eat delicious, healthy, vitamin-packed foods...

​“Walk to your kitchen cabinets right now... How long could you get by without going to the store?
A week? A month?
Or would you be in a government soup line the next day?”

​Survival food companies offer you a quick solution with vacuum-packed, freeze-dried food.  Most of these companies offer great products, but not everyone can afford a years supply of food for each family member. For many who have been recently laid-off, their products are prohibitively expensive.  And what will you do when the food runs out?  It’s better to "teach a man to fish" than to sell him a fish...

In response to the growing crisis and the very real possibility of food shortages, I’ve taken Mrs. Turner’s lessons and put them together in an easy to follow, concise book that will help you feed your family in a crisis, without sacrificing calories or taste.  Anyone, regardless of their background, can take a few simple steps to eat like a king, even when the grocery store shelves are empty!

My book is titled, “Survival Stockpiling”, and details in simple, easy to follow steps exactly how you can develop your own edible insurance plan-one that you’ll look forward to using! I'm not talking about filling up your garage with expensive food that is going to get spoiled or eaten by rodents; I’m talking about a perpetual, vitamin-packed, delicious food supply that will support you for decades!

Due to skyrocketing unemployment, record bankruptcies and the likelihood of a catastrophic collapse of our infrastructure, resulting in widespread shortages and/or huge price increases, I’ve rushed this book into print. I did this because I sincerely believe things will get worse(much worse) before they get better.

Survival Stockpiling will show you how to:

  • Slash your food costs…without scrimping on quantity or quality!  Who wants to survive if you’re going to be eating like a peasant?  I’ll show you how to eat like a King…for just pennies a day!

  • Provide for your family and friends with your new-found abundance!  We all have friends and loved ones, and we should be concerned about their welfare.  With the secrets I’m going to share with you, you’ll have the ability to provide for extended family and friends...

  • Jump to the ‘head of the line’ and bypass the now-common six-month waiting lists for many food itemsFor a nominal fee you can have supplies delivered to your front door while still paying less than the public prices.

  • Prepare foods for those with special needs, including children, infants and diabetics who otherwise might starve!  You won’t find this information anywhere else!

  • Eat better & healthier while virtually eliminating your grocery bill!

“Well-known survival companies are outraged
that I am sharing this information with you.
After all, they want to sell you their products, not teach you how to become self sufficient.”

Survival Stockpiling isn’t a list of places where you can order costly, freeze-dried food and have it shipped to you.  I’m literally going to show you:

  • How to stop worrying about the future and plan for the worst-case scenario... If you’re lying in bed at night, wondering how you will respond to the next government ‘bailout’ or plan to ‘rescue’ the economy, STOP!  No one is going to take care of you and your family except YOU!

  • How to acquire the confidence that comes with knowing you are ready for any possibility... imagine a life free of anxiety and fear, comfortable in the knowledge that no matter how bad things get, your loved ones have a private food supply, enough to live on forever!

  • Where you can find local supplies-without attracting the attention of government agents or local ‘snitches’ who think you’re hoarding food...

  • The source for inexpensive, hand-powered tools so you can process your food reserves easily and quickly-without electricity!  How else will you prepare food if the electric grid is down and no one is delivering gas?

  • The secrets the survival food companies don’t want you to know!

If you're lying in bed at night, wondering how you will respond to the next government ‘bailout’ or plan to ‘rescue’ the economy, STOP!
No one is going to take care of you and your family except YOU!

Just imagine... as the crisis grows worse and even more people become dependent on the government for their food and housing, a select group of free men and women will be entirely independent... knowing they can feed their families well.

I’m going to share with you:

  • The 10 secrets that most ‘survivalists’ don’t know... and why some folks are furious with me for putting these little-known facts into print!

  • How to build a food reserve that will make Joseph (of biblical fame) jealous!  I’ll show you how to feed the whole neighborhood for the price survival companies would charge for just one person!

  • Avoid the 3 mistakes most people make when storing food... don’t let your efforts go to waste by seeing bacteria, rodents or jealous neighbors steal you blind (and leaving you hungry)!  Use these techniques to keep your resources safe and secure...

  • What foods to never, ever eat…even in a crisis.  Some so-called experts have recommended this source in the past, but I’m going to show you why you must avoid it at all costs...

  • The 7 key ingredients you must have to ensure your food is palatable…these items are inexpensive and plentiful now, but may become scarce in the future.  You need to stockpile them now so you’ll have them when you need them!

If you’ve ever thought about this scenario before, you may have looked into stockpiling food for a potential disaster scenario.  The secret you’ve probably never heard before is how to get the biggest ‘bite for your buck’.

The survival industry is going berserk that I’m letting these techniques ‘leak’ to the general public, but I believe drastic times call for drastic measures-before new world order thugs shut us down and make us disappear!

You may be skeptical, or even thinking that you have to have specialized training or lots of money to put this plan into place.  However, I’m not a farmer or gardener, I’ve worked at a desk my whole life, but I was fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time to hear Mrs. Adelaide Turner reveal her century-old secrets for surviving even the worst conditions.  If I can do this, anyone can!

 These secrets are so simple, even a child can learn to use them.  And, you don’t have to plan years in advance; you can get started literally tomorrow.  However, there’s a catch...

It will take you years of research and interviewing to discover these secrets on your own...
or you can get them right now for only $29.95.

​President Obama and his friends want you to line up for handouts.  They want you to be dependent on them, like a rat can be trained to run a maze looking for a meal. They want you bowing and groveling to your masters when they’ve been kind enough to throw you a few crumbs. To our ruling elite... food is power, real power.

​Are you ready to give up your freedom to eat?

But wait, there’s more great info…

  • I’m going to show you how to easily and quickly calculate exactly how much food you need to have for an emergency.  You don’t need complicated formulas to plan for your abundant future!
  • Why one of the food sources many people think they’ll have during an emergency will literally vanish overnight…leaving the unprepared to suffer & starve…
  • The exact shopping list you need to take to the supermarket, wholesale club and food co-op, so you can shop like a seasoned pro (without attracting attention)!

My publishers think I’m crazy for revealing this information so cheap.  (It’s a condensed, soft cover manual shipped Priority Mail!) They’re worried I’ll bankrupt the company… but I refuse to live in fear over a few people ripping me off… because fear is the tool the enemies of liberty are using against us and I realize just how serious this situation is. I know 99.9% of you will value these insider secrets.

​Secure Your Family’s Future and
I’ll Throw In A Bonus Worth $39.00!

​If you’re anything like me, you’re on the go constantly.  Between work, family and preparing for the tough times ahead, you may not have the time to read this book-as critical as it is to your future health.  It’s so important to me to help you help yourself; I’ve recorded every single word of it in an audio book CD for your convenience.

Listen to these secrets in your car and you won’t miss a single piece of critical information! In fact, I’m going to throw in a bonus chapter, explaining the critical piece of information you’ll need to prepare your food in a healthy, convenient and delicious way...even if gas and power lines are down indefinitely...

The Survival Stockpiling manual is just $29.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. ($34.95 total)

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P.P.S.  The upcoming winter flu scare could change our country forever. There are so many stories about forced inoculations and martial law (even in the mainline news!) that you should take action just in case things get bad. I sure hope none of this comes to pass, but it always makes good sense to have a plan.

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